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Allow Myself to Introduce Myself

Welcome to my online journal!

Throughout my life, I have always found a way to keep a track of the major events -- whether it was through pictures or whether it was through a journal.

The goal of this journal is to use it as a means to keep in touch with everyone in a way that I would not normally be able to now that I have moved to the Nordics.

There won't really be a schedule to how often I make an entry. It is pretty safe to say that I will be making an entry at least once a week...probably more in the beginning as I learn new things and have new experiences.

Right now, I am struggling with whether to include "everything" that happens to me, or whether to filter it out because I don't know who the readers of this will be. In the end, I'll probably come somewhere down the middle on this, but we'll see.

Anyway, my goodbye party is tomorrow. And I am psyched. It was so nice of Stephanie to organise the party and work out all of the details. Cara was planning something as well, but it turned out to be a bad weekend for lots of people. No worries though, I love it that she was actually the first to ask me if I wanted a party. Amongst many people, Cara is one of the people that I'll miss the most for a lot of different reasons.

I often find myself wondering what Sweden is going to be like. Because you know, they have a lot of 6'5" black men around so I'll fit right in =-). Actually, I think that it won't be that bad. Having travelled the world so much, at this point in my life, if an adjustment was necessary, it would be an adjustment that they would have to make moreso than I. But I think that it will be a good thing to have this experience. Of course, to have this experience, I need the Swedish Migration Board to hurry up and approve my work and residence permit. Until they do, I can't even enter the country. I am hoping that they can approve everything by the time I leave for the Nordics during the third week of August (I haven't set a date yet, but I must leave by that week). It would make life easier to bring my things to Sweden, and then fly out to Norway for the business management meeting. But I will leave nothing to chance and have to assume that it won't be approved in time, so I am planning to fly to Norway and chill out there until everything I need is approved.

Since I have announced that I am moving to Sweden, everyone has been very surprised and very supportive. My family is also supportive as well, as long as it is something that I want to do -- which it is!

Well, I would write some more, but I have a ton of workpapers to complete. I need to finish all of my IA&BC responsibilities before anything can be truly official.

Ciao, Rodney

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