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A Good Time Had by All

Well, after a great night out, I finally got back to the apartment! I had so much fun and it was soooo good to see everyone one last time. And a lot of people turned out for the event too. Dinner in the North End was really nice and the Hong Kong and Sissy K's were good too. I was so drunk I don't even remember most of what was going on. All I know is that I didn't have to go to the hospital this time (hee hee...ah, memories of Canada). Steph has been so good to make this all happen. I will definately get something Swedish for her and give it to her when I come back to the states...if I ever come back to the states (I'm sure I'll have some trips home, so I am not too worried about that).

Well, now that I am looking around the apartment, I realize that I have so much to do, but that I am just too lazy to do anything about it. So instead I will be a fat oafish pig and sleep on the couch since it is too much of a burden to walk a few feet to my room. I will write some more later, I promise.

Ciao, Rodney

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