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All Good Things...

Today was a interesting day. David (my former direct manager and now my career development manager) announced to the Internal Audit & Business Controls (IA&BC) organization that I was leaving. So it is now official. In some ways, I had been looking forward to that announcement for quite some time. But in other ways, it was sad to see because that it the end of what has been a very significant part of my life. For all of the challenges it brought, it also brought some very good memories and experiences. However, there are still some small details that have to be worked out, including returnig IA&BC equipment and assets, and since some of the audit team will be in Boston for an engagement, I will be able to visit with them.

I also decided today that my schedule a bit too aggressive so I relaxed it a bit. Since it looks like I am going to moving things myself, I didn't want to stress out and overdo anything. And I wanted to be very deliberate about everything because I didn't feel like any mistakes could be made. SO I will start the packing and moving process on the 9th.

Today was also a good day, and yesterday was as well. My roommate had tickets to Lenny Kravitz on Monday (the show rocked!) and tonight he had tickets to Santana. Both shows were excellent and I loved them. I like to leave concerts early after the singer's initial walk-off. Not because they are not good, but because of traffic. Anyway, it was sure nice of Jason to treat me to both concerts.

I have to keep this short. Steve just came back with the audit report and wanted it reviewed by midnight. Luckily I was just checking mail to check on some correspondance with the Nordics (they are 6 hours ahead) and happen to see the audit report. I could very easily have decided to type this journal entry on my desktop and would have missed the audit report entirely. This reminds me, I really do need to finish the workpapers. Maybe I'll get motivated to have them completed by this Friday. In fact, I will have them completed by then.
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