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Ode to Murphy's Law

Today was a very busy day. It seems that there are some administrative issues to be resolved with my international assignment. Basically, to make a complicated story short. I can't really be on "travel" status in Sweden since I am staying there for such a long period of time. What the proper solution is to basically to make this a formalized expatriate assignment. In the meantime, I am still going to go ahead and go to the Nordics as planned. It should all work out. What is not working out is getting Sweden to expedite the review of my Swedish work and residence permit. The Swedish Consulate in New York has recommended that someone from IBM Sweden call the Migration Board and ask them to speed up the review of the application. I have send him an e-mail asking him to do just that.

I also went to visit a storage facility. I explained my needs to them and while I liked the people, I really didn't like the location. It was hard to find, which means that in the event of an emergency, if I need family to get to my things, they would barely know where to go. But I won't count them out yet.

I brought several guidebooks on Sweden. I purchased one on Sweden in general, one of Stockholm in particular, one on Scandanavia, and one on Swedish culture. They will be good reads to provide me with some important preparation.

Finally, I set up a phone call to speak to another American expatriate in IBM Sweden because I think that they'll be able to provide me a lot of assistance regarding what things I need to take into account.

Well, I have to go now...the work continues in terms of throwing out things, organising and deciding what will stay and what will go, and making a ton of other arrangements.

Ciao, Rodney
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