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The Time is Closer Than I Think

Today was a good day. I've accomplished so much in the past couple of days. Not only have I finally settled on a place to store things, but I also managed to rent a van to move everything. All of this will take place tomorrow.

On Monday, I had dinner with Tina Caterino, a very good friend from school. And Monday was the first day when I realized that all I had been used to would be changing in a big way in the next few days. During the second-semester of my senior year at university, Tina and I would often go to Ruby Tuedays for mega-ritas, which are super-huge margaritas that had swedish fish in them. As a goodbye gift, Tina got me margarita mix and Swedish fish so that I could make mega-ritas in Sweden. And then she gave me a photobook with pictures of her and I throughout the years. I almost cried at the table and then at the car, but instead, like a good male, I got teary-eyed privately at home. Of all the gifts that I got, that one was the most personal (that can be shared in public -- right Cara and Lynn?!? =-). On Tuesday, I had dinner with Tim McAnany and it was a lot of fun. It's only took 3 years to have dinner with him at a time that worked for both us -- we'll have to do it again in 3 more years!

I am supposed to have dinner with one of my sister's today, but I have come down with something. Shit! This is not the time to get sick. I have so much to do tomorrow and I will just have to work through it. I can buy drugs and medicine later, but for now, back to packing and loading things up. The plan to is to move all long-term storage stuff first, and then evenually move the stuff I want to take to Sweden (at a later date) with me.

Ciao, Rodney

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