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90% Done

Reached an important milestone tonight. Most things of consequence are moved out. And the only thing left to move out with the rental van is my desk (which I boxed up) and my leather chair. Everything else can be moved out with the car on Friday. The only things left are small things that I either have to store, give away, or throw away.

I was supposed to have dinner with my sister tonight, but she is sick and so am I. In terms of time, I really can't afford to go, but I need to go, so I will make the time to go tomorrow. I brought a few more books today as well. Some on learning Swedish because I have so much to learn. It is entirely possible to exist in the Nordics and speak only English. However, I will get more out of the experience if I learn Swedish, and everyone from Swedish nationals to expatriates are telling me to learn Swedish. So I will use the books I brought as a base. And once I get to Sweden, I'll get some personal language instruction.

I have also managed to finalize my travel date as being Friday, 23 August because there were no seats on the Saturday flight to Amsterdam (which I had to connect through to get to Norway). This makes it tougher. Oh yeah, and my passport came back today. Unfortunately it won't have the residence and work permit for Sweden included because they are still processing the application. However, they had anticipated as response by September 15th, so I will anticipate that I'll be in Norway until that time and then move to Sweden. Oh well, the work continues.

Ciao, Rodney
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