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"Suicidal Squirrel" or "Free Falling"

Hello all. I wish that I had something and fun to report to you today, but unfortunately I don't. Yesterday was entirely uneventful. It was quite possibly the most boring night of my time here. Except for those delicious apple martinis I was scarfing down at the bar. Ah yeah, like manna from heaven, these martinis get me through the morning...

Right now the computer network is down. That means that I can get no work done. I would normally have felt good about this and would be the cabbage patch kid in the center of the floor. However, such expressions or emotion are bad in Sweden. I'd be drug off to the looney bin in no time flat. So I revel in my happy by dancing in my chair.

In staring out of my window, looking at the trees and the squirrel who just lost it's footing and probably plunged to its death, I am starting to realize just how precious life it. Live every moment. Be like the squirrel. Take risks in life, because even though the price might be death, no one wants to live a sendentary lifestyle looking out of windows waiting for squirrels to die, eh? Oh wait...the squirrel has stumbled away. So like I was saying, I'm starting to realize just how rewarding it is to take a chance on something. Do something different. Be like the squirrel. Because even though the price might be death, no one wants to live a sedentary lifestyle looking out of windows watching squirrels stumble around after falling out of trees, eh?

Well, that's enough wisdom for one day.

Ciao, Rodney
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