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"Is this as good as it gets" or "Life in the Slow Lane"

8 October 2002

Well, it has been quite some time since I have mad an entry in the journal. I am surprised that people are actually reading it in fact, as I have gotten a couple of notes letting me know that a journal entry was lacking.

Well, in the past week, Stockholm has been graced with a visit from Steven Needham. He's someone I used to work with in audit, and now he works all throughout Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), continuing the jet-setting lifestyle. It's been pretty good to have Steve here because it's nice to speak with someone whose first language is English. Interestingly, Steve and I understand each other less than we understand the Swedish. But it's been fun all of the same.

Journal, let me tell you, life has been all about being hectic and busy. I moved to an apartment-hotel (only for this month) which is located in Akalla. This is outside of Sweden. My residence is far away from everything essential (bars and clubs) and I hate it. I have several names for it including "shanty-town", "cellblock ibm", and "crackville". If I leave the office after dark, I am all about a taxi. And during the weekend, I am all about living in Stockholm at a hotel. Because folks, being surrounded by shanty-people on the weekend -- when you are not in a bar -- is just not fun.

Well, it's been busy the past week, but maybe I have a moment to share an experience with you...

Every Saturday that I am in Stockholm I have a routine. I go shopping and buy things in the town center and I end my exhausting experience at Ikki (pronounced E-chi), which is a sushi bar. Every time I go, I am served by Simon the waiter. I order japanese tea, a bowl of miso soup, chicken yakatori, and extra rice. It comes out to 168 Swedish monetary units. Simon gets 200 of these thingomonombers and can keep the change. It is my routine. Like Simon (played by Jack Nicholson in "As Good As It Gets). Well, this past saturday I was seated by someone else and waited on by someone else. The service was horrible. The waitress was horrible. The food tasteless. My waitress kept on ignoring me as she was clippety-clopping around the restaurant in her too-tight outfit, as the winne the pooh ankle bracelet she was wearing was struggling to stay connected around the hoofs that were her ankles. I was angry. Finally, I saw Simon, and I moved tables. Horse Girl got mad at me and she wanted Simon's tip. So I made a big scene. There was more drama than an episode of West Wing. But everyone knows now that I like routines. Or maybe I am just crazy. Clippety-clop?

Ciao, Rodney

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