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"Lord of the Swedish: The Two Towers" or "Whoa that's HUGE"

11 October 2002

Well, we have just concluded two weeks with Steven Needham making a visit to Stockholm. It was cool to see and hang out with Steve. During Steve's time here, I was staying mostly at the Hilton Hotel. Steve was staying at the Sheraton Hotel. They were seperated by a river. During Steve's time here, he and I made many observations about the Swedish. So we decided -- in true "Lord of the Rings" fashion, that Steve and I each represented a tower... unholy union came upon the Swedish, to wreak havoc in the land of the Nordics. Their decisions would impact the people of Nordic Earth. To the west you had fashionably cheeky Steve, in the tower of Sheraton. To the dark east you had suave Rodney, dark lord of the Hilton...

Anyway, I found an apartment today. It is HUGE! I loved it when I first walked around. It had 2 bedrooms (one of which will be turned into a guest room/office), a living room, and a kitchen large enough to place a table in (where the help can eat -- anyone wanna come over and keep this place tidy for me?). Barring any surprises, I think that I will be moving in on Tuesday. It is fully furnished, but I do need to purchase a television as well as a stereo system. And some other house items. I like the furniture and stuff inside, so I am very OK with the apartment. I am so happy about the apartment. It's beautiful. Now I just need to make internet reservations to accomodate all of you whom said that you promised to vist!

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