Rodney (rcornelius) wrote,

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"From Shanty-Town to the Chateau" or "Moving On Up"

16 October 2002

So, I just moved into my new apartment yesterday. It is very nice and I like it a lot. I am planning on making a few changes to it, but for the moment, I've got no complaints. On one hand, it felt good to get the keys to the place because it cemented the fact that I now formally have a place to live. On the other hand, I started to cry because it meant that I was now no longer on expenses. And life feels different when IBM is not picking up the tab. Except that in many other ways, they are picking up the tab for me, so I can't complain *too* loudly.

What the moves signifies the most is that I don't have to spend another night in a lonely place called "Shantytown" otherwise known as Akalla Hotel Apartments. And this makes me happy. Man, I feel like breakdancing. Shantytown was the pitts. Now I live right outside the city, but close enough to get to where I need to go (and it's a 30 second walk to the subway from my apartment). I'm moving on up. Just need to get me a tweed suit and wife named Weezie and I'll be George Jefferson. I had the afro thing going already....

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