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"The Gang's All Here" or "How to look stupid without really trying"

31 October 2002, Entry 1

So yeah, I've been doing a bad job of updating at least 3 times a week like I had said I would. So shoot me. Actually, don't shoot me, I am too pretty to be hurt. Actually, it is good to know that you guys actually read this from time to time, if only to laugh at my expense. Which is fine with me.

So besides Steve's visit, I also got a visit from other members of the Scooby Gang, known as IT audit. The gang consisted of Artie the One Man Party, Timmy the New Hire, Pammy Pam Pam, and Momma Palmer (Pam's mommy-in-law). They were fun to hang out with during the week were be both in Stockholm (see my previous entry on the UK because I had to leave the Scooby Gang during their second week in Stockholm). I went out to dinner with them a couple of times and did some touristy things with them, and then Tim and I went out for drinks, including at the ultra-cool Ice Bar. It was a pretty good time and a welcome visit.

They also saw my new apartment, and liked it as much as I did. Mamma Palmer was impressed with the wood floors. Pammy Pam Pam quite enjoyed the warm and sunny feeling of the apartment. Art enjoyed the buttons on the kitchen stove. And Timmy the new Hire just liked the apartment. So with such rave reviews, the apartment is a keeper...

...however, there are somethings that I have yet to understand about the apartment. The washing machine is fantastic; however, the dryer really isn't drying as much as "moistening" my clothes. And the washing machines sometimes scares me, especially in the spin cycle, because the cycle is so aggressive that it sounds like it is trying to create a vortex to suck me into the 7th layer of hell. Also, the freezer is keeping things warm, while the microwave is keeping things cool. And no, I don't have them confused...I just don't know how they work. So in the meantime, until I get the freezer working, I can't do the kind of cooking that I want. Actually, I can, I just have to go to the market everyday, which is another story in and of itself... see people, going to the market is the US is mostly like going to the market in Sweden, except not really. Things have the same general organisation, but the selection is different and I can't quite understand the language yet. So basically, I stick to orange juice, fruits, diet coke, swedish meatballs, strawberry jam, a selection of cheeses and breads, pastas, and when I want something chocolately, Nutella. This is my diet, besides the sandwiches I have for lunch at work. And it didn't help I was standing in the "7-items or less" checkout with 40 items. Contorted looks of judgement crossed everyone's faces. By the way, did I mention that I am dropping weight? Some nights I stand outside my flat with a sign that reads "hungry. will feed you if you cook food." So far, no takers. If I were in England and held that a sign that said "free dental care if you cook for me", people would be lining up around the corner. Bloody right they would!

So in terms of work, it's been busy. I am not too sure what I am doing, but everyone seems to think I am successful at it. "Oy vey!" an ancient Chinese philosopher once said. Yeah, oy vey! indeed...

Well, that enough pearls of wisdom for the moment. I think I'll create one of those notification lists so that you know to come to visit me when I've updated my travelouge.

Hasta la pasta! (hey, it's the only think I can make here until someone shows me how the oven works)

Ciao, Rodney

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