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"Dust Bunny Unions" or "Oui Oui"

Greetings journal. I do have to say that it has been a few days since I have written anything. For that I apologise. I spent most of the past week in Paris, and I had a lot of fun (as usual). I often enjoy the French -- the food, the people, the smell pockets in the metro. Ah, c'est la vie! And since my French is better than my Swedish, it make it a bit easier to communicate.

Actually, the reason for being in France was for work, but I was also there to find a new fragrance that the Swedish do not yet have (read my CK Crave post to find out how the nation stole my favourite fragrance...oh yeah, and how my flesh started rotting). While I was ultimately unsuccessful, I did stock up on some pretty good wines. And of course, a spot of shopping for clothing items not yet in Sweden (like Gap mock turtlenecks. Most of you will remember they introduced this in 1998 and I loved them. Now I got to buy more). That was followed up by buying a bunch of Evian affinity body and face care products. And of course, a new pair of shoes. And let's not forget those CDs that I can't get in Sweden. And maybe there was a Zara purchase or two -- I really can't remember. All I know is that it was good that I bought the extra-big suitcase!

Health and beauty aside, today we'll focus on the dust bunnies that have overrun my apartment and are trying to organise an union. They are everywhere. It would be quite simple to vaccum them or sweep them up, but that suggests that I do something else in the evenings besides drink and watch TV. So they gather, wating to make their move. They seems to be gathering around my bed. I might have to take some drastic actions.

So yesterday was good in many respects. My dryer now works great, I got a working freezer, and the microwave works as intended. I also got digital cable TV installed, so now I can watch something other than the discovery and nature channels. Because let's face it, watching ever species in the animal and insect kingdom get more action than me was getting rather depressing. Now with cable, I can somehow manage to pass the cold winter nights with inappropriate images of Bea Arthur in my head. If you didn't find that funny -- well, neither do I. I am actually rather frightened. Perhaps what is more frightening is that even with the addition of 52 additional channels -- most in English -- I still feel like there is nothing on TV.


Well, before I go, I would share a piece of fan mail I got for this diary site...

"Hey Rodney. How are you?....Anyway, I know you, and it seems like you are leaving out some pretty juicy details. Since you never call you punk a**, keep me in the know. Talk to you later." -- [Name Withheld]

Dear name withheld,

You caught me! I do leave out some rather juicy details, meant for a more mature audience or over beers that you have to pay for (because I'm poor). However, trust me that only a very small percentage of my life is missing from the online journal. So if you want to know my rationale for why I think it's erotic when the people I um...connect with forget that I don't speak their langugage fluently but say things in their mother tongue, then write to me under my pen name, Dr. Ruth Westheimer (on the internet, no one knows a tall black man is really a old white woman). However, on this site, buddy, you'll have to settle for sarcasm and me talking about the injustices that dust bunnies cause.

Ciao, Rodney
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