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Prego journal, on this chilly-yet-beautiful evening in Stockholm. It's been some time since I have written, but I have been very very busy. And very very lazy. I don't think that I have written much since Paris, but the truth is, there just hasn't been much to write home about, so to speak. Working during the day, partying at night, partying during working -- you know, the usual stuff!

I am afraid I don't even have any insights to offer you today. Besides the angry drunk guy who threw water on me, the couple that asked me to participate in the 3-way with them (yes Steve, this is the SECOND time this year...what the f*ck is going on?), and passing on a friend I invited over to my house for dinner, it's business as usual in RodneyLand.

On the good news front, I get to go home (to the US) next weekend, and I am somewhat excited about that actually. I am excited about that not because it's been a while since I have been home, but because I get to see my family for Thanksgiving, something that is going to keep me emotionally sane. And besides that, I need to pick up a few things from the US that I just can't get here, like clothes for fat people like me (the Swedish are so thin that they disappear when they turn sideways, so streets sometimes look desserted during rush hour). And I need to get a Massachusetts state flag (since I already have an US and a Swedish flag hanging in the hallway). And Stephanie has organised a nite out for me on Saturday after the thanksgiving. If you wanna go, contact her. This time we are going to the Legal Seafood at the Prudential Center.

Oh yeah, life with cable is going quite well, in fact I have about 40 channels. Except theres nothing to watch. Ever. Just bad American TV shows that never made it out of production. And this week I was spotlighted on the IBM intranet. If you are an IBMer, you can check it out at:

I was pretty excited about it. And two weeks from now, I'll be speaking to a group of Swedish people about my former job as an auditor and the travel and how being on an international assignment is a good experience. If you want to book me, call me at 1-800-inflated-egos. LOL.

And then there is the rat in my building. Now before you think I live in Bentley housing, it helps to know that I live (not directly) above a nightclub/restaurant. And a supermarket is 30 seconds from me. Given all that food, I am surprised that there is just one rat. But there is only one. And it lives in the cellar (over 5 floors down from me). The notice says that it is a "big rat". I am thinking that it is the kind of rat that eats unsuspecting children that wander into the cellar. Truth is, I don't know. I am never going down into the cellar again. Anyway, the note also says that you have to go into the cellar (where the big rat is), and if you have a storage space down there (everyone gets storage space as part of their apartment), you have to leave the space unlocked and the key with the landlord on the day they come in to kill the rat. Let's not wonder for a minute what they have to do to kill this rat that they need everyone to leave their storage spaces unlocked (I think they are going to try and talk it out of the building and then lasso it or something strange). It's only important to know that if the rat ends up in my apartment, I am moving back to the US.

So anyway, not too much else exciting has been happening. I've been going out and talking to people, trying to learn all I can about the Swedish. You would think I'd know by now, but you'd be wrong. Still can't speak the language. But dammit, I can drink them under the table (even if I am barfing the next day). I may not have much (ok, so I have mostly everything in life I want), but I've got my pride (the one thing I don't really have).

Anyway journal, I have to go now. It's 5:30pm on Friday and mostly everyone has left. And Anna the Swedish janitor (think a wide-bodied lady with one stocking always lower than the other) has just given me that "I'm gonna eat ya" look again.

Ciao you.

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