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30 November 2002

Hello Journal from Boston, Massachusetts! I missed writing you. I meant to write to you while I was on the plane, but instead I enjoyed American Airlines' new lower-quality business class service and got drunk on the trip over. C'est La Vie.

Anyway, I am at home until tomorrow, when I then head back to Sweden. I am kinda excited about going back to Sweden, which means that it actually feels like home now (I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this). The American food that I have been eating has been making me sick (I'm getting used to Swedish food as well), but no complaints! I've gotten to see friends and family. Speaking of which...

Thanksgiving holiday was fun and eventful (as usual). The women cooked and got drunk, the men cleaned up afterwards. I was a chauffeur and drove everyone around and ran errands -- people got all "Ms. Daisy" on me in the passenger seats in the car. I had a good time to be sure, but I don't know that I'll be coming back for the holidays next year. Everything was just very hectic and I need to use vacations to relax. I don't think I'll get to relax coming back to the states, so I think I'll use that week to chill out in some remote location or oasis to get grounded again. I'll be arriving back to Sweden on Monday just as tired as when I left!!! =(

Anyway, the trip home also let me identify what I want to movers to bring to Sweden for me, and the two empty pieces of luggage I brought here are now FILLED TO THE BRIM, and I'll even have to pay for an extra bag. But they they are things that I want or need to help me feel more at home in Sweden.

And since the US is cheaper than Sweden in many respects, I used the opportunity to buy a digital camera, some more club clothes that I can actually fit into, and I raided my storage facility to get some of my old favourite club clothes, including both my leather and plastic pants. The plastic pants are actually quite cool to wear, but in the winter, I'll freeze in them easily (by the same token, I'll burn alive in them during the summer). But I will wear them anyways. The only problem with the pants is that whenever I move in them, they make noise. And it makes since, because the surface of the pants is dry and the pants are plastic, the static causes friction (or something like this). Anyway, the only solution I can think of is to put a substance on them that will lubricate the pants. OK, so maybe CRISCO is a bad idea, but it has to more gel-like than water. And not butter, because I am not a pork roast, thank you very much. I am thinking that maybe I'll run baby oil on the pants and that should help the situation out. We'll see...

Anyway, have to get going. Meeting some old college friends out for dinner tonight (I had dinner with Cara, Lynn, and Diane fun fun!). It is going to be a low-key night, because I am tired and want an early dinner. However, around midnight, I might want to go out clubbing...we'll see....

Ciao and love you journal!


P.S. Bought the second season of "Buffy" today. She so rocks!
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