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08 December 2002

Hello journal and journal readers. One of you asked me a question about my posts. Specifically, you wanted to know why every post always has 2 titles. Well, the answer is that it comes from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. Before each commercial break or interruption, they always would give the next segment 2 titles for your auditory pleasure. So I lifted the concept from them. Of course, if you want to know the title of the current entry, you can see it if you simply click on the "Older Entries" link as it lists all of the titles.

Anyway, this week has been very very tiring. I got back from vacation and I was exhausted and needed to rest. I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday working late hours, coming back to the apartment, and then going to sleep.

On a home programming note, I have to say that the the dryer has been ruining many of my sweaters. More accurate, they have been shirnking to the point where it looks like they were purchased a Gap Kids. Always too much or too little heat -- never the right amount. And when I have put something wool in the dryer, it creates dust bunnies. So after several weeks, I now understand how they come into the world, so I took out the hoover, and sucked them all into hell (btw, the vacuum cleaner sounds like a race engine, so I wear driving gloves, goggles, and scarf while screaming "vroom vroom around the apartment -- I wonder if the neighbors think I am crazy yet?). However, they struck back. Let's just say that Thursday night was a drunk night (I do like above a bar, remember?), and I accidentally put a wool sweater into the dryer. It *was* a huge, fluffy wool sweater...the kind that grandma would make after a couple a shots of tequila. You know, where one arm is half a length too long and the other arms barely covers your arm pit? Anyway, when I opened the dryer, loads of these damn dust bunnies scurried out of the dryer and went into hiding. If they could talk they would have been snickering. In the end, I vacuumed them all up as well. Vroom vroom. But they took another sweater dammit. Dust bunnies don't die, they multiply.

On a social note, it's Sunday afternoon and it's been a very awesome weekend. I've been meeting Swedish people left and right. It's because I've stuffed a herring down my pants and we all know how they like seafood. OK, so I made the herring part up (besides, "is that a herring in your pocket or are you just happy to see me" doesn't sound very funny, eh?). I finally know more than 3 Swedish people. I know five. Eat your heart out.

Anyway journal, that's about it. For those of you interested, I'll have photos of the messy apartment I call home up on soon. Love you journal.

Ciao, Rodney
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