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"Where's Waldo?" or "Why the Fuck Haven't You Been Posting?"

"Where's Waldo?" or "Why the Fuck Haven't You Been Posting?"

10 January 2003

Hello friends and others who have stumbled upon this by accident. I know that I have to soooo apologise for not updating for like a month. It certainly is NOT that I have not meant to update, it has just been that I have been so busy and out and about that I simply have not made updating my online journal the priority that it should be. So let me take this opportunity to update you on what has been happening with me:

Basically, one mid-December hit, Sweden went into festive holiday mode. There were things such as "Christmas Tables", in which the Swedish get together and eat a ton of food and stay remarkably thin through each bite. I was invited to one Christmas Table, which was remarkable in and of itself because I am totally still trying to find my base of friends here in Sweden (at that point). In terms of the love life, I wasn't formally dating, but I was seeing someone with a sense of regularity. Drinking increases to the same level of my days at university. People worthy of note that I have met in this period are Chris and Anders....both very cool people...the former is Canadian (so it's cool to have a North American friend here so that we can talk about the Swedes) and the latter is Swedish (an entirely cool guy).

Christmas came and went without much fan fare. It must be said that in Sweden, Christmas is actually celebrated on Christmas Eve, and every year at 3pm, Sweden stops completely to watch old Donald Duck and Disney cartoons. I am serious. They do this because back in the days when they were more socialist than they are now, they only had 2 TV channels, and cartoons were rare. They are so passionate about this cartoon that I suspect if the government ever cancelled the cartoon, there would be mass rioting in the streets. People worthy of note in this period is Sven von Essen (he's a TV star, has a public relations firm, and is just the craziest and friendliest Swede I have met. Yes, I said a Swede. Really. Stop laughing.), as well as Tomas (if you have never heard a Swede speak with a cockney british accent, it is quite interesting, but he's become on my favourite people in Sweden).

For New Years, I had planned a New Year's Eve party, but since I am such a bad planner, it turned out to be Anders and I hanging out and having dinner, and then we went out to a club. I had to come up with a New Year's resolutions, and they are as follows:

* Drink more. Eat less.

* No more serious resolutions, because your life should be evaluated as the need arises, not just once a year.

* Shag more. Maybe even call them back the next day and see them more than once.

* Realise that I am at such a good point in my life, that I can focus on what it takes to make others happy.

Honestly, I just made these up on the fly. I don't believe in any of them other than the first one. And maybe the third one. OK, so now that I think about it, they are all good resolutions. I'll keep them all.

So after New Year's, I've had a couple of after parties. The first started on a Friday at 1am and went to 6am. The second one started on a Sunday and went from 6am to Monday past midnight. I had so much fun at both of them, despite a few moments where I perhaps did and said things unexpectedly. Awesome people during this period were Mikel (another awesome guy), Jimmy (cool bloke who came to an after-party), his friends Linda and Lisa (they were sooooo nice), Gladys (from a Swedish pop group named Afro-Dite...she's such a sweet person), Koao (I fucked up the spelling on her name, but she's also in the group'll be seeing her more in the US since she's now singing with the group "La Bouche"), Caroline (love her love her lover her), Shåmon (he'll be a great R&B pop star...he's signed with a record company and will have a CD soon) and some others as well whose names I can't remember because I am hung over with a cold.

So there you are. The complete update on my life - minus the naughty bits, but I think my mom is reading this, so I better keep it cleaner than it has been.

Perhaps the remaining resolution I have is to update this at least weekly. I used to believe that I would update this every day, but that hasn't really panned out, has it? So now I think that weekly is a good goal, as well as if a significant life event happens.

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