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"Dog Day Afternoon" or "Age Before Beauty"

"Dog Day Afternoon" or "Age Before Beauty"

12 January 2003

Hello journal and everyone. Perhaps you felt the earth shake today. You wanna know why? No, it is not because I was walking around (I am not fat, I am big-boned). It actually is because today I left my dignity at the store entrance and went to buy a CD single from the A*Teens. Yeah, the A*Teens. You know, the group who got their start by performing covers of ABBA songs (the "A" in A*Teens stands for "ABBA"), but now have used their relative success to make their own records? Well anyway, I have hosted so many after-parties in which the song has been requested, that I decided that it was just time to bite the bullet and purchase the single. Sigh. And for my next trick, I will make my dignity disappear...poof.

Anyway, this afternoon was just kinda of a blah day. I didn't really have much to do, so I decided that I would go shopping. You know, because since I have no sense of real self-worth, I will buy my happiness and then come down with a case of "Shoppers Remorse". So anyway, today I went to buy new music, some creams and potions, and a house-warming present for a friend. In terms of music, I bought a awesome artist named "Peaches"...her signature song is "Fuck the Pain Away"...she's just kick ass. And there was that A*Teens thing, but let us never mention that again. I also had to buy more CK Crave, Tommy Body Wash, and a couple of items from Nickel, since I am not scheduled to fly to Paris anytime soon. In the fragrance section of Åhlens, I ran into Joachim, whose name I always forget...I feel like an ass when that happens, but I was honest and just said that I forgot his name. Nothing personal. I tend to remember names of people I meet only when I am in the condition I originally met them. For example, if I meet you while I am drunk, I remember when I drunk again (usually within 24-36 hours), but not when I am sober. So everyone in theory has to introduce themselves to me twice....unless I think you are so hot that I wanna shag, then I ask everyone around who that is so that I can seem like that creepy bunny-boiling type that wins people over so easily. My, that was random, eh? At any rate, Joachim was a real doll...he gave me a free samples and a carry case. All of the cool kids work in fragrance. All of the smelly kids work in the music department. If you work in a music store or department and are reading this, yes, you smell. yes you do. Stop arguing. La la la la...I'm not listening Senior/Senora/Senorita Smelly...

Last night I went out drinking. Went to the local club (it's downstairs from me) and it was Cottonhead Night, meaning that I was one of four people under the century mark. Not that it's not fun to go to the club during Century Night, but lets face it, you can only watch the gums fall out of a grandma's mouth so many times before it just becomes plain old unattractive. So after gambling away about US$50, I decided that it was time to go and party some place else. We went to Stureacompagnient (I spelled that wrong), and had a great time. Some of my UK mates had never been, so it was good that they saw some of the non-touristy places in Stockholm. Someone said at the club that I was dressed like a discount hooker, but I swear my boss tells me the same thing, so I took it in stride and took his business card because he supposedly has great after-parties.

Well, other than that, things are going pretty well still. I have a clean apartment thanks to the Canadian cleaner, a fully stocked bar thanks to the local package store, and something to eat other than cheese and corn chips thanks to a trip to the supermarket.

Keep in touch everyone! Ciao for now and love you journal.

Ciao, Rodney
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