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"I'm Edumacated" or "Sprechen de Frommage, MoFo?"

"I'm Edumacated" or "Sprechen de Frommage, MoFo?"

20 January 2003

Hello journal. How are you today? I am feeling like I am cloud nine...that is the nickname for my bed by the way. But actually, I am at work. But I am still in a happy mood so far. This weekend was quite a nice weekend in many ways. eXciting if you know what I mean. There was sex, drugs, and rock and roll (metaphorically speaking)...shiny disco balls...all of that good stuff.

So anyway, the reason to write to you today is that I am signed up for Swedish language lessons, and I am so excited at the opportunity to learn swedish. I really feel like I am going to be able to communicate so much more effectively once I become confident in Swedish. I am anticipating that I will be far along in the Swedish langauge by June 2003. At the end of the summer (which will be the one year mark in Sweden), I want to have a good understanding of the language at least the way a 7 year old would communicate. This would be the same level I currently use in English. I am going to get edumacated and I am so excited. Now repeat after me..."spechen de Frommage, MoFo?" Don't know what that means? It means "do you speak cheese, motherfucker?" Yeah, I've got that secretary of state job all wrapped up...

In other news, I have decided to have another after-party. I have to warn the neighbors...or better yet invite them. However, I think that even if I invite them over...once it goes past 6am, my neighbors are going to hate the fact that I am having an after party. I am going to have to buy their silence. Either that or whore around the apartment building and sleep with them all. Including that geriatric carpet-bagger at the end of the hall. If I so much as sneeze loudly, she laments openly about how kids sneezed more quietly when she was young. Only I don't think she can remember that far back.

Well, that's enough for the moment...promise to write more later. Ciao for now you!


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