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"A Month in Review" or "What A Strange, Long Trip It's Been (again)"

"A Month in Review" or "What A Strange, Long Trip It's Been (again)"

23 February 2003

Hello journal! Well it seems that I have gone down from daily updates, to weekly updates, to monthly updates. But it's all good, because most of you, dear readers, have been using a little thing called e-mail! And I love you all for it, but often, I am just too busy to respond in any depth unless it's about Steak and Blowjob Day. I am serious. It's an actual day. Lord help us all.

Anyway, so according to the date thingomonobber on the last journal entry, it has been a month and 3 days, so what has happened do you ask? Plenty! But we'll go over that later. I think I am going to hook up with someone coming over to my flat.

Anyway, the main goal of this message is that Rodney drops everything for cheap meaningless sex with the georgous swedes.

And my website has finally been updated. Go to and feel free to send me some feedback.
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