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"Month in Review: March 2003" or "Operation Beach 2003"

"Month in Review: March 2003" or "Operation Beach 2003"

6 April 2003

Hello journal! How are you? It's been so long since I have written, that I bet you were beginning to think that I didn't care anymore? Well, I do. And since I am crapy at consistent communication for our dear readers, I definately was planning to write an update. Now is as good as time as any.

March 2003 was a pretty good month overall, although I would be hard pressed to tell you what was significant about it. The new people in my life are Maria, Helen, Anders, Sait, Yonas, and Johan. They are all cool people, and my circle of friends grows almost every week. Most of this month I have been drunk on the weekends. Oh yeah, and then there is Craig from the UK, who is a friend of a friend, but he's cool so that is good.

What has happened is that I have drafted the plan to begin "Operation Beach 2003", which is to get me ready to look reasonable on the beach by end of June 2003. It actually started 4 weeks ago, but several bags of McDonalds, Chinese food, and over 24 bottles of booze later, I realise that I now needed to get serious about it.

At first I kept pushing out the deadline by a couple of years, but that would only mean that I'd get fatter and fatter like a whale, and everytime I'd try to leave the water, Greenpeace would try to throw me back in, thinking I was a beached whale and that they were saving me.

Then I thought that I'd get lippo-suction in poland, but I was told lippo-suction there is only US$5 because they only use a vaccum cleaner/hoover and a hefty bag.

Finally, I thought that since I work for IBM, I need to manage this differently. I have to develop presentations and charts, service level measurements, and come up with a Beach 2003 management system. So this is what I have done. :-) Mostly because I am lame. Look for the Beach 2003 Management System on my website in a couple of weeks.

And the summer is shaping up to be very cool as well. Just as soon as I have details, I'll be posting them up here.

Oh yeah, and I'll make my promise again to update more, but like Beach 2003, we'll see if it actually delivers anything!

In the next issue:

* "Swedish Strawberry Surprise"

* "It's not the pants that make you look fat, it's the fat that makes you look fat"

* "Oh Suzie Q :-("

* "Here A Hag, There A Hag, Everywhere A Fag Hag"

* "Frumpy-A-Go-Go"

Anyway, I need to go to the gym...wish me luck...I forgot what you are supposed to do at a gym, so I'll sit around and sip water, feeling butch without accomplishing anything.

Ciao Journal! Hej då everyone!

Love, Rodney
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