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"Fun with Languages" or "Gollum/Smegol get those Swedish-es"

"Fun with Languages" or "Gollum/Smegol get those Swedish-es"

13 April 2003

Yeah, all of hell has frozen is ajournal update. A brief one before I head out and party tonight.

I have been corresponding with many Swedes. Some speak English flawlessly. While others, well, they need some more practise. However, I would never hold that against anyone, except this one guy who speaks English so poorly, I have asked him to switch to Swedish and to draw pictures so that we understand each other better.

No, before you go calling me a mean, heartless bastard, you have to understand that the Boy Wonder in question ain't ever gonna be no beautiful mind. If my friends Markus, Tomas, and Jesper speak English like the british (this at best, might be a dubious compliment), then this guy, Genius in a bottle, speaks English as well as that creature from the Lord of Ring, Smegol/Gollum. Everytime he speaks, I think he's says "stupid fat rodney-es, he tooks me lucky charms-es-es, and we wants it back." Or something like that.

Anyway, hooked on phonics didn't work for him. Sigh...I am so bitchy tonight. TIme to get drunk.

Ciao for now journal!

Hej då everyone! :-)

Love, Rodney
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