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"Hey Little Wee Man" or "Waaazzzuuuuppp"

"Hey Little Wee Man" or "Waaazzzuuuuppp"

30 May 2003

So what's up everyone? It's been a very very very long time since I have written anything in the journal. At one point, I was aiming to have 365 entries in the journal. However, having been so lazy for so long, I should have known that if I got 60 entries into the journal, I would have been so fucking lucky. Hee hee.

So journal, I should try to provide you with some highlights, though they are vague, probably because I'm almost drunk. Shhhh....don't tell my mom....wait, I think she reads this....hmmmm....

Well, in the time since I have written, Steve came back to Stockholm for a week to do some more controls consulting, and that was cool. I went to Denmark twice, Norway once, and I fell in love with Copenhagen so much that I might even consider moving there mid-assignment if possible. I've met loads of new people, too many name every one of them, but Linda and Marasel are especially noteworthy. They are so awesome.

In terms of major events in my life, I had the results of all my physicals and tests come back since I last wrote, and everything continues to be in good working order :-) Oh yeah, and I am seriously contemplating lippo suction in poland, although I could just do at home what they do in poland...a vacuum cleaner, a pair of scissors, and a hefty bag...and drop two pants sizes and have a doggie bag. That was actually kinda gross, eh? But seriously, I am actually doing quite good. Important battles have been won in Operation Beach 2003...I won't be a beached whale after all...maybe just a seal waddling along the beach. But most people who have seen me have noticed I've lost some weight. Me and Missy Elliott share cooking and exercise tips.

One of the worst things to happen here in Sweden is that the fucking sun sets at about 10pm (for the moment will soon not completely set at all) and comes up around 3 to 3:30 in the morning. "So what?" is what I hear most of you asking, since you are likely in bed at that hour. Well, if you are out partying, as in every countries, you depend on dark and misty lighting to justify the warthogs disguised as humans you accidentally take home. (I happen to carry a flashlight so that I can shine it before I take them home...if they begin to run from the light, then I know it's best to go home alone :-) However, with this dang-blasted sun, I have no excuse now. So I must drink more in order to be able to blame it on the alcohol.

I have many revelations over the past few weeks since I have written, but I can't remember them. But then I am not surprised. I won't be standing in line for the Nobel Prize anytime soon, unless they give one out for pure and unrelenting laziness. But even then, I couldn't be bothered to stand in line for it...home delivery, along with a pineapple pizza would be lovely.

Finally, perhaps I can end this entry by talking about today. Today I went to Tony & Guy to get my hair cut. Oh la was sooo good...and I look fabulous. Correction: even MORE fabulous. I decided that my experience with the Tony & Guy hair salon must be love. So as soon as I can marry the entire staff and not to go jail, you'll all get invites to my wedding.

Well journal, it's 9pm now, and I need to take a nap before we go out partying tonight. Take care everyone and have an awesome time. I'll make the usual promise to write more, if you take the usual action of ignoring that promise, knowing it is not worth the digital ink it is printed on.

Ciao for now. Love you journal!

Hej då everyone....Rodney

P.S. I am going to Rome next weekend...I will make an effort to update while there or shortly thereafter, if not sooner. And maybe even some pictures. ANd visit my webiste. ANd eat your oatmeal. And this offer is not valid with any other discount or promotional offer. And...yeah, whatever....

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