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"It's a Sunshine Day" or "The Sun Also Rises" [but why the fuck doesn't it set]

2003-06-02 - 23:02

"It's a Sunshine Day" or "The Sun Also Rises" [but why the fuck doesn't it set]

02 June 2003

Well hello journal! I am listening to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen at the moment, and it felt like a good time to write about something that above my head, seemingly now almost 24 hours a day. THat shitty sun. It's 11pm here in Stockholm, and it "JUST" went to dusk. And it will stay at that level until about 2:30am, when the sun will begin to rise and shine like an over-eager soldier. It is the wierdest thing I have ever experienced in my life. Well, that's a bit of stretch on my part really, but it is strange for sure. We went from total darkness to total light in a matter of 5 months. No wonderful why my fellow stockholm-dwellers are so crazy -- they can't ever count on their natural circadian rhythms to help them balance out! Hmmm...

Well, now Rome is only 4 days away, and I can't wait! I need a holiday from Stockholm for a weekend. Now I hear what you're saying "but Rooooodney, you spend the last 2 weekends in Copenhagen, Denmark." And I say in response "what the hell is up with you that you are watching my comings and goings? ;-)" Oh, so maybe you only know because I told you. Don't you judge me. That's includes you!

Today wasn't very exciting at work, but I did get to chat with Magnus today, and that was a cool thing. Magnus has so much emotion for a Swede that I don't know what to think. He's definately atypical, and that's a compliment.

Oh yeah, I should also mention that I went to some crazy clubs this weekend. On Saturday, I want to a club called Raw. It had 3 level. Lexus, which was hard house. Nexus, which was hard techno, and Sexus, which you had to get naked in order to enter (to keep those around me from getting hysterically blind because I am still not through Beach 2003, I kept my clothes on and didn't go in at first). However, after the naughty bits were over, it turned into a foam room and then I entered and danced in the foam. It was pretty cool. And there were all types of people there and that was awesome, even though I was the only black guy there. Sometimes I like putting myself in that situation, because I like to watch people react to me. RAW was awesome. The next time it happens, I'll be better prepared.

And on Sunday, I went to the boat and partied most of the night away. It was loads of fun as well.

So, pretty much I was out partying every night since Wednesday, and that was a good. Staying home tonight (Monday) though, in order to prepare to get psyched for ROME THIS WEEKEND! Woooooo hooooooo!!!!!!!

OK, well, I am all out of things to say. I'm a bit boring today and my humor is off easier than Bozzuto's shirt at a gay bar. But hey, the good lord loves each and every one of us.

So with that, I'll bid everyone a fond farewall. Hej då everyone and love you journal!

Ciao for now!


P.S. I you haven't yet listened to song Superstar by The Ones, go get it's an awesome awesome techno song!

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