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"When In Rome" or "Rodney and Tomas' Excellent Adventure"

2003-06-22 - 08:44

"When In Rome" or "Rodney and Tomas' Excellent Adventure"

22 June 2003

Tjena journal! :) (and readers)

It's always a long time since I have last written, so I am updating this journal again. This time with the details of my last trip. And then I shall soon update it with details of my birthday party! :-)

So a couple of weeks ago, Tomas and I went to Rome for a long weekend. Just wanted to hang out someplace new! :-) ANd our friend Luca was there.

The fun all started on the plane. We flew Sterling Airlines, which is one of those discount "Easy Splash" carries. The concept of them is cool enough: pay for what you want while on the plane, all you get is a seat. But I did have some concerns about safety. Surprisingly, everytime we passed over a body of water, the plane didn't nosedive towards it like I thought that it would. SO that is a bonus for sure! :-)

Anyway, back to my story.

So, on the plane, Tomas and I are drinking champagne and eat pringles, because you know, when we travel, we travel in class like the trailer park trash we all dream to become. SO we are sooo drunk on the plane. ANd the fligth attendant was so adorable (he invented a new currency, called the "Sweedy", but it's too long to explain here.)

SO we land, and we're drunk, and then we immediately meet our friend Luca, who is one of the most awesome people on the planet! And then we go to the hotel.

Now let's focus on this hotel thingy for a moment. ALthough it was close to Via Venetto (the most posh street), the hotel was anything like we thought. The hotel had no grand entrance, just a green door shared with other building tenants. In fact, the name of the hotel, Hotel Invictus, was written in small letters on the panel listing the building tenants. Once we buzzed into the building, it smelled like death.

So, after following a series of inter-connected tunnels like those found in the vietnam war, and one out-dated lift, we arrived to the reception hall of the Hotel Infectus, I mean Invictus. It turned out to be OK after all, but outward appearances can be decieving as hell!

So over the course of the weekend, we go from club to club to club, eat a great restaurants, roast like pigs under the heat (even at night :), and sight-see by drunkenly stumbling from bar/cafe to bar/cafe. ANd through it all, Luca was a kind and gracious host. Having met Luca only a few months before, I can see why his friends love him so much. And I couldn't have thought of a more perfect weekend than spending it with Tomas and Luca! :) In true trailer park trash fashion, we ate at burger king at 11pm at night upon returning into Stockholm, before going our seperate ways. But it was so cool...and the pics I have and have seen will be memorable forever! :-)

Well, there are some parts I am leaving out, but of course, I can't always mention everything! :-)

Ciao for now journal. Love ya!


P.S. I am working on updating my website overall. I'll post it here when I get around to changing it.
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