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"So Me and Ronald McDonald Were Sitting at a Bar..." or "Visions of Drunkeness"

2003-06-24 - 02:47

"So Me and Ronald McDonald Were Sitting at a Bar..." or "Visions of Drunkeness"

24 June 2003

Hello everyone. Hello journal. It's really early in the morning, so I will keep this short and brief, especially before going to bed.

So as it turns out, one of my friends, we'll call him Scott, gave me a call on Sunday from a bar on Stureplan. Scott proceeded to tell me that Ronald McDonald was in a bar across the street having a few beers (probably with the Hamburgler no doubt, since he's been a known pickpocket operating in high-traffic tourist areas in Stockholm).

So, in the age of camera-equipped phone - and this guy, Scott, has one - I told him that I couldn't believe it was true and that he should take a pictures. Excitedly (like when he finds loose swedish change on the sidewalk), he hangs up the phone, presumably to take a picture.

Fast-forward 10 minutes later, when I get a phone call from Scott. Scott informs me that when he went to go take the picture, Ronald McDOnald (The Hamburgler was nowhere to be found) abruptly walked away, leaving Scott unable to take a photo. Furthermore, as it would turn out, when Scott called me to deliver the bad news, it was at that very same moment that Ronald McDonald passed by the bar that Scott was at, and Scott still wasn't able to snap a photo of Ronald McDonald getting down in the funky swedish town.

Now, "Scott" swears this happened. But let's ask ourselves, who doesn't want whatever Scott was on that day? ;-)

Now I know what you are thinking: "but Rodney, where I live, I see Ronald McDOnald at the local bar everyday. And when I go to McDonalds, Ronald is usually stumbling around. I even see him passed out at train stations sometimes."


Well, tell you take a picture of it and send it to me. Show me the money. Go on. I'll be here waiting. Holding my breath even. :-)

So anyway, the weekend wasn't all that eventful, but it was a nice weekend anyway.

Well public, I am afraid that I must be going now, but I am glad that I could share this update with you, dear readers. And "Scott", you know you're God's special little man, and I really do believe you about Ronald McDonald boozing at the bar. I do. Really. I swear.

Hej då everyone. Love you journal! :-)
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