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Computer Security

I have this feeling like my computer is very vulnerable to attacks. I am not entirely sure why, but it really feels like it is less secure now that it was when I completed the last Security Assurance Review and Security Technical Test for my Thinkpad.

Now for those who are uninitiated, a SAR/STT is an IBM term describing 2 ways in which they test their systems for security. They usually apply this the servers that they manage, not typically to Thinkpads or desktops. However, I feel like since I connect this computer outside the IBM network, I have a responsibility to apply a higher level of control than normal.

So now I scan the compter twice a week and review the traffic through the firewall once a month. To secure the "personal" side of my Thinkpad, I now have digital certificates in place for my personal e-mail address to secure communications a bit more. And on the home front, I recently upgraded the hardware in my desktop so that it could function as a firewall at the same time. I am even thinking that maybe I should get a cheap basic desktop to use as the firewall and router between me and the rest of the world.

This security stuff is mindboggling. All of this, and the most secret thing at this point (my data files I use reside on a detached drive that I only connect while I use it). Why do I worry about these things?

Hmmm....there must internal issues for which a licensed psychiatrist could answer...

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