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Sydney Here I Come!

It feels like it has been a cat year since I have last written in my journal. Things have been really busy sure...but most importantly, I have been trying to clear up as much work as possible before I head away on vacation tomorrow. I am going to spend 2.5 weeks in Sydney, Australia. It is going to be such a nice time and I am so excited. I liked Sydney the first time that I was there, so it is good to be going back. Sadly, Steve won't be joining, but we will see him soon.

The day begins at 04.00, since the flight leaves at 07.00. It is going to be a struggle to get up that early, but I am going to get to bed at 01.00 so that I can wake up and not be too tired. Besides, I am too excited to sleep.

The other reason why this vacation is so rewarding (other than that it is summer in Australia) is that I am rewarding myself with the miles that I collected during the 3.5 years of travel with IBM's Internal Audit. And since you can't be too sure that the airlines will be around anymore, I am not one of those people who was going to save them until retirement! Rather, I am making sure to enjoy them now -- and I am doing so in business class with the hope that I can con my way up to first class! ,)

So the planet tickets and the hotel for the first week was paid for through points. The remaining time will be paid with cash, or better yet my hotel-branded credit card which will get mega points. And since I have been saving for this vacation since June 2004, I am fairly well prepared to enjoy it. I am even thinking about getting in a hang gliding experience while I am in Sydney. I don't wanna spend every day drunk -- I do that at home (kidding...I think ;) The hardest part was getting someone to watch the apartment here, but luckily we managed to find someone who can stay in the apartment while we are gone.

Anyway, you can be sure that there will be regular updates and pictures as I want to share the experience as I experience it. Be safe and have fun everyone! I know that I will :)

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