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British Airways Sucks

OK, since I posted on my flight over about the WONDERFUL WONDERFUL business class of Qantas Airlines, I figured that I would also spend some space to say why British Airways will never again see any personal funds or points or anything from me to fly their airline.

The business class seats are absolutely terrible! Half of the seats in business class face backwards -- meaning that you are literally flying backwards and British Airways does not even attempt to warn you about this anytime before your flights. Robin and I expressed such a clear visual preference at not flying backwards that one of the cabin service attendants came over to us to assure us that we would enjoy the flight. But the fact that they provide absolutely no warning really has no valid excuse.

Onto the seats...which is small and configured with a 2-4-2 -- yes, even in business class. Which of course when you are trying to cram that many people into business, of course the seats are no more spacious than their Club Europe seats. So it seems odd to have had to sacrifice so many points for just Club Europe seats. I will definately be writing to a couple of different stakeholders about this one.

One could say that the fact that I am flying business should mean that I should count my blessings. But I counter that the business class trip came at the expense of having to travel 280-300 days a year for 3 years - so the flight does mean something to mean. It was an expenditure of valuable flying capital. On the British Airways plane, that capital feels misused and that British Airways fradualently promotes a business class service that is far from business, and farther from class.

Anyway, the kicker is NOT that Robin and I are in the middle seats. It is that we are so close to the engine. It is impossible to sleep...well that and the beds in business are rather small.

But no worries (well not at the moment). The fact that I am sitting in an open computer at the British Airways lounge to type this means that I feel emboldened enough by the shitty service to feel compelled to write.

But perhaps the best payment for this substandard flight is this: let's all spend our money and miles elsewhere. And we can begin to send a message to them that competetive offerings have to count for something in a de-regulated industry where every travel dollar should be coveted.

Over and Out
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