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An Update of Sorts

Well we are at the consluion of week two of an audit. For those who have never been audited, it is not a fun experience. Of course every company has different audit rules and philosophies on risk management, so I won't bother to explain any of the mostly. First of all because I probably can't. Second of all because it would be like comparing apples and sports cars. But suffice it say, I am the focal point for the organisation being audited and it is a drastically different role than being audited.

In terms of my personal future here in Sweden, it is still very unknown. I continue to build an excellent base of support for me to stay here, but it really just depends on the financials as to whether I will stay or I will have to go home. I have a number of interested parties both inside and outside my I really feel as if the world is mine for the taking if I am just smart enough to wade through it. But I would really like to stay here in Stockholm. I have friends and I have established myself...I disbanded the doctrine of "Temporary Permanence" the company suggests you establish to make leaving painless. But humans just aren't built that way.

In my lazy-guy news, I have become addicted to Desperate Housewives. The show just started here in Sweden and I am already hooked. I found myself at to read all of the recaps for the episodes I have yet to see here in Sweden (private joke to Steve: Would CAMPER be great as a re-capper for Deseperate Housewives? Nuff Nuff...I miss her).

In other areas of my personal life, Robin's ex came to Stockholm for a visit, so we had dinner together, hung out, and then I went to bed and they hung out some more. All goodness to me....working 80 hours a week takes the desire out of doing anything other than eating and sleeping.

I was planning a trip home this year, but since my assignment might end and i would be back in the USA anyway, I think that I will instead go to Berlin since everyone has been talking about Berlin for such a long time and it would be great to go to Germany on unofficial business.

At any rate, so ends the public update. I hope that everyone is doing well and I hope to hear from all of you soon!

Love and Hugs, Rodney
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