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Useless Information

I know that the past few weeks have seen me substitute useless quizzes and other stuff for information on my life, so for that I am sorry. But it has been a really busy time for me and I have had a lot of stuff to do and on my mind.

First things wireless router just basically stopped working, so I had to go with the standard network switch. SO now I can have my laptop and desktop connected at the same time again.

Yesterday I got to work at 07.30 and finished by 19.00, so only a 12 hour working day for a change. This week we would usually have had to have added an extra 2 hours to that. I have been coming home, having dinner, and then going to bed because I have been so tired.

On Thursday Max, Markus and I went out because it was going to be the last night that Markus was around for a few weeks. For those that don't know, Markus and Max are my best friends in Stockholm. We usually go out as a group and while I can call on my other friends to go out, I really don't invest the proper amount of time for my other friends, so I need to begin to do that. And Max has been partying really hard the last 4 or 5 days, so I doubt that he'll be up for going out tonight.

And I have been reading LJ entries for a good chunk of time now. Even though I am busy, I feel like I need to find 45 minutes or so a couple of times a week to just keep in touch and connect.

I also talked to Steve on Thursday night, and that was really nice and cool. I will make a trip to the states soon I hope and he and I can meet up and catch up on what the year has brought to each of us.

At any rate, I hope that everyone is doing well. Take care everyone and hugs!

Love, Rodney
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