Rodney (rcornelius) wrote,

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Going to Oslo tomorrow

I am going to Oslo tomorrow and I am pretty excited about that. I feel like it should be a lot of fun. I don't know that I am using the right word when I say fun, but I basically mean that it will be nice to take a break from all that is Stockholm and be anonymous for about a day. There is a lot of crap and drama happening in Stcokholm now on all levels of my life and I am just looking for a clean break to get away and thing. And although there is absolutely nothing happening on Sunday, I just wanna walk out of my hotel, find a place to sit down with a glass of champange and something to read, and just relax for a few hours. Nowhere near a hotel...just a local hang out to have a relaxing evening. It sounds so nice when I write about it that I wish I were there now...
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