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You put your left foot, you put your left foot out...

So yesterday I went to a Reebox Step Up class at the gym. A level 2 class. In Swedish. Those who know me can only imagine how this story is going to end, eh?

Well, I am confident enough in myself at the beginning of the class. I don't understand a word she is saying, but the instructions seems simply enough. And then it gets very complicated...

They step up on the platform......I step down off of it (why was I up there in the first place?).

They march in place....I step up on to the platform.

They are kicking rhythmically....I am punching the air.

They are doing complicated rhythms involving the step....I am kicking it over and stumbling around like Boris Yeltsin after breakfast.

They are combining several of the exercises.....I am doing the cabbage patch and the running man to the music (a remix of "I Am What I Am")

They begin the cool down exercises...I am still doing the cabbage patch and the running man to Enya.

They do calf extension exercises....I accidentally kick the person next to me.

I wanna sign up for the next class...the instructor writes "Rodneys Not Welcome" on the sign up sheet.

But hell, I played a mean game of mini-golf afterwards ;-)

My muscles are really sore from all of body pump classes and exercise, so while I have a body pump class today as well, I might just use less weights and take it a little easier.


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