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Just Another Manic Monday...

Work-wise, today has been an OK experience. I had a career discussion with my local manager here and it went really well. We had a few items that we had to talk about, and we got through them all. It seems like I will be given the opportunity to stay here it feels as if my assignment will be extended from 15 October until the end of the year. There are a lot of things that have to be worked out as well, but it seems like the assignment extension will happen for a few months longer. That means that I get some more time to make some decisions.

I am also leading a consulting engagement that begins today and it had a rocky start, but we can certainly work through the challenges that exist. I got the sense that the organisation that I am working with really wants to help and make a difference and contribute positively to our review, so for that I am very thanksful. I hope that I stll have the skills and the good to put forward a high-quality result.

I flew to Copenhagen shortly after my meeting with my manager, and the weather has since improved -- for which I am thankful. I would really like to have some nice weather on my birthday, even though I am celebrating it away from friends and loved ones. This weekend I will try and have a dinner with some friends over -- I think just 12 friends for whom it will be nice to sit around the table and have some nice meal and some great time. I don't really have the energy to invite a large group of people over...the dinner just feels more intimate and more inviting. That is if I even do anything at all....that's my way of saying that you should influence my decision by voting in my poll.

My LiveJournal got screwed up over the weekend and it was a bit depressing, mostly because I had somehow managed to delete some entries in the process. But I can console myself in the fact that I did not lose any "real" content, just a couple of tests and quizzes really. I could search through my mail to re-post them, but "que cerra cerra"...or something like that.

Anyway,I hope everyone out there is OK. I need to call my parents on my birthday tomorrow. And some friends. The thought of turning 29has made me melancholy, even though I truly feel like the best years are yet to come -- and that I will have some trying experiences along the way.

Love and Hugs to all....

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