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Lazy, Lazy Bastard

Of course, we all know that I am really bad at morning flights. I rarely make them on time and I always have to charm my way on to the next flight without getting charged and something to compensate me for being inconvenienced. So my flight to Finland this morning was no different. After threatening the taxi driver with something short of death if he didn't maks it to the airport by 07.15 this morning (the trip normally takes 30 minutes which means he had to find a way to shave 11 minutes off the trip -- and he did), it was airport security that would not cooperate. So the closed after I cleared security. So I got to the service center, and after a really nice conversation with the service center rep (both pleasant and good-looking), I managed to get onto the next flight for free and complimentary access to the lounge. So now I will make my 11.30 meeting just in time, but I hate that I intended to be early and did not succeed.
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