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Finland in the Summer

I have to say that Finland in the summer is growing on me. Last night I went out for drinks and dinner with my manager's manager and his colleague. I realised that Finland is actually quite a nicely designed city, with the downtown areas quite well designed as a meeting point for friends, drinks, dinner, movies, shopping, etc. It also helps that my hotel is located right downtown and that I have easy access to everything.

In the past, I have never been able to make a summer trip to Helsinki. I usually have to come in the winter and that's no fun. But visiting in the summer months has actually been quite nice in fact. I think that I shall plan to come back here on business again before September. Of course, it is already planned per order of my manager's manager. It would be nice to get in a summer weekend here.

Oh yeah, and there was this mascot at breakfast with a smoker's cough. All I could do was picture this kid-friendly mascot smoking a cigar. Breakfast was hilarious ;-)
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