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Afternoon Flights

Those who know me know that I am no good at afternoon flights. I am always pushing my luck, I am usually spending more time negotiating a free upgrade instead of making my way to the gate and being a good little traveller, and they always have to page me because I am in the tax-free shops instead of at the boarding gate.

So I manage to work my way into business class on a comp upgrade, which is ALWAYS better when I am going home because I get drunk on the airline's nickle/sheckle/kronor/whatever. The lounge is nice enough, but I almost miss my flight. I was too focused on nuts. Peanuts. They were really tasty. Of course, I was drunk within 10 minutes. On the flight I got more drunk. And now as I sit on the train writing this, I am surprised that I am this drunk. Well not really.
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