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Just a random update

Summer in the office is once again quite enjoyable, when I think about how uninterrupted one can be. I like the fact that many of the people are on vacation, and that you can actually hear yourself think and have a real conversation. I like the fact also that if I really wanted to, I could choose to work from home. Normally I would work from home, but I felt that lately when I work from home, I never leave the apartment so that it ends up being possible to spend 2-3 days without ever leaving the apartment for more than 30 minutes. And that is what I don't like. On the other hand, there is something quite nice about being able to work in your undies in the middle of the day, and lunch is always exactly how I want it to be because I have prepared it myself (that's different than bringing your lunch to work, but when you do that it is too late to change your mind once you have made it and packed it).

And I had a good talk with my manager this morning. She told me that I was very wanted at the company and that she sees a very strong role for me well into the future as I move from specific delivery management into even more of a coaching, business direction, and management role. Even my manager's manager told me that in 3-4 months, he wanted to give me an offer to ensure that I am able to stay as a local employee in the country. Which means that I lose a lot of benefits I have being on assignment, but if I negotiate in the right way, I can ensure that I am lessening the impact of that significantly. So that is another interesting development.

And finally, with regards to a new computer, I have decided on the following computer from a no-name company:

I am going to get the Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz version. It doesn't even come with an operating system installed, but I really don't care so much about that, as I am replacing my old computer so I will just take the old license there and put it on the new computer. What is going to be really nice about this new computer is the fact that it will have expanded memory capacity (the ability to hold 2000MB of memory instead of the existing 284MB), the 160GB hard drive far surpasses the my existing 30GB hard drive), and I can take the DVD burner, 250 MB zip drive, and original hard drive and make this new system even more powerful. At first I thought about a new laptop to replace my desktop, but I decided that since I have a work laptop, I didn't need a home desktop.

Oh, and I am looking for a new pair of sunglasses today as well as some new black shoes...this is going to be an expensive week and i am not happy about it!

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