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Hola Journal

So it's 22.00 and I am just waiting for Markus before we go out and do some partying. I am excited that Markus is back in town, because as much fun as Tomas has been to hang around it, it's different hanging out with single people versus people who are in relationships. But hanging out with Tomas has been great. I went to the gym 5 times this week, and somehow managed to gain a kilo, while eating less than normal. However, muscle definition and development are coming around great. So I have been happy with myself this week overall.

I did have a moment of weakness and had some chocolate today for lunch. But that was the only thing I had for lunch. And I can tell now that my body needs a regular intake of healthy food, because the chocolate made me sick and I had to take a nap because my tummy hurt so much.

Well anyway, nothing a few ciders and vodka/red bulls won't cure in short order.

I had an after party last night. It went pretty well until people wanted to have sex in my bed, then I threw everyone out. Except one guy, because he was really really cool and we just chatted about everything in general. He was a cool finnish guy, will have to keep in touch with him.

Everyone have a fabulous night out. Haven't decided whether or not to make tonight an all-nighter, or whether I just need to give it a rest because I plan on going to Patricia tomorrow. At any rate, hugs and kisses to everyone!
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