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Well it's Friday and I am in the office. I had a meeting this morning with my manager and my manager's manager stopped by for brief word as well. In the section of the building I am sitting in, I think that there is room 160 people, but it is the summer holiday, so there is only 5 people around me. And one of those five keeps on running out.

This weekend is coming up and I have no idea how to spend my time. My friend Markus is away in Denmark, and most of my other friends are all occupied. I might spend this weekend trying to be productive. Or I just might go to the airport, stop by SAS and see what the lowest-priced ticket takes me. I've done it before and spend a really fun weekend in Mälmö/Copenhagen. I really just feel like I need a holiday. Some time off just to relax and do nothing. Like a trip to Rome or something to get my mind off of things. I will probably end up buying the new computer. And the Magnus can help me install everything and get all of that good stuff done that one is supposed to do with computers. I have no idea how they work, I just help others manage them.

I made a really nice dinner last night, but I feel like it went unappreciated. Which i really hate because these days, when i cook, I like to put time and effort into it. I skipped over the lobster, waldorf salad, and baby asparagus wrapped with parma ham and drizzled with lime butter, and went for something more basic: honey-glazed chicken, roasted potatoes, and ceasar salad. Maybe it was too much of a downgrade in the meal? Or maybe because there was no wine to the meal this time around (there was plenty of wine, but appropriate white wine chilled.

I just read what I wrote above. How much Martha Stewart can I get without ending up in prison? Meh.

I should be working hard the last hour of so before I head out of work for the day (I am making it an early day, because this week has been tough and they get lots of extra hours from me already). But instead, I am going to get ice cream. A Magnum 5 Senses ice cream bar to be precise. If you have not had one yet, man, aren't you missing out. As close to heaven as you can get without sleeping with me.

And I must stop stealing other people's icon here on LJ. Immediately.
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