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I've just spent 30 minutes moving all of my mail files and newsgroups to Mozilla Thunderbird. You wanna know why? The final straw was when Microsoft decided that every single time I open Outlook Express that it should also start up AOL Instant Messenger. Despite the fact that I have Trillian. It was bad enough that it did not even have a proper search mechanism, but once Microsoft starts telling me what other programs I must have open in addition to the one I want, well they can just piss off.

20 minutes into using Mozilla and all things are looking good. They even have a feature that lets me have my RSS feeds inside the same application, so I can actually delete another application from my hard drive. The address book isn't all that it could be, but you know what, I have another program for that anyway.

Piss off Microsoft. Once you realise that you are not so invincible that you can force users to use programs they don't want, then maybe you'll get me back as a customer. I've moved to Firefox and Thunderbird and I am not looking back.

Asshats, you brought this disgruntled customer on yourself. Keep fucking around and I'll just port everything over to Linux and be done with Microsoft once and for all. And I'll make sure to bring all of my tech-saavy friends in my personal life and business life with me!


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