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Yay Copenhagen!

So tomorrow I have a business trip to Copenhagen. And lucky for me, it is also Copenhagen Pride this weekend. So while I would have normally have travelled on Friday and gone home on Saturday, it's a party weekend in Copenhagen and with all that has been going on in my life in the past 2 months, I sure as well deserve a party weekend. We won't mention the fact that last weekend was a party weekend at all.

So I am going to meet my friend Glen for dinner on Friday night, and I just learned today that Sebastian and his friends are in town so that means that there will be people I know in Copenhagen for Pride and partying. That makes me really happy and excited. The bad part is that I am missing Big Night Out in Göteborg, but all things considered, I will make Copenhagen a good experience.

And then the following weekend I will probably be in Barcelona/Ibiza for the weekend and the following week going to Tronheim.

With so many new things going on in my life, now seems like an excellent time to get some excitement back and do and try new things! :)

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