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So I am visiting Trondheim, Norway this weekend. It was personal travel really. Or at least that is how it started out. A call from someone in IBM changed all of that, so I had to find the local IBM office in Trondheim and work a bit. It was all ok...just wish it wasn't on my vacation day. Some talks with my career manager and that was also fun.

Anyway, after a 3 hour work session, a came back to Markus' place. A nap (since I had been awake 05.30) and some dinner later (dinner was unique and good dinner requires a post of it's own), we went out to Luna Lounge, a R&B place. It was nice too. Then we came back here and I was exhausted, so I went to sleep.

Oh yeah, and Flat Eric is still the best. puppet. ever. And you have to see The Family Guy episode where the mom becomes a model, the baby starts a pyramid scheme, cookie monster is in rehab, and the daughter is mistaken for a sea cow :-)
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