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More About My Trondheim Weekend

Well it was good to see Markus again. He's nice to talk to and to hang out with.

On Friday I made dinner. A really strong pepper steak, a tomato and feta salad, and he made rice. It was good. strong but good. His roommate was having friends over so we ate this in front of his roommates and their friends, like 10 people at the big kitchen table. that was strange, but hey, it reminded me of my college years in the student apartments, so it was nostalgic.

Afterwards we went to the Luna Lounge and chilled for a while. And you of course and read all about that in a previous post.

Saturday we woke up, decided that showering would be on project, shopping would be another. So we decided to shop for breakfast and got some really good bread and cheese, and juice and mixers for the green apple vodka i got him and stuff. Breakfast was nice...there was this stuff he had me try that was really good. It was a nice brunch. We sat and talked and had nothing to do for about 6 hours until dinner, so when we were talking about movies, I asked him to name the prettiest movie ever. You know, a movie where it all comes together: the scenery, the people, everything. He selected "Hero". also known as Ying xiong. And it was a really beautiful movie. Good recommendation! :)

So after the movie and some family guy episodes, we go to dinner. Don't remember the same of the restaurant, but refer to Markus' post about the meeting for a dinner summary. I agree it was good.

Then bcak at Markus' place there was an apartment building party. basically all of the different apartments participating leave their doors open and everyone can go meet the neighbors and drink. cool concept, except my lack of understanding of norwregian, combined with the general nervousness about speaking english made me feel a bit lonely at the party. but that's cool because i truly believe in a room of 20 people they should not change the language just for me---that's snobby. so while i was sitting out on the balcony drinking this all green-apple vodka monstrosity of a drink I made, Geir gave me a call. He studies in Trondheim now. I know him from Oslo. Normally he goes to visit his boyfriend every week in Oslo, but this weekend, his boyfriend was up here. So they asked if i wanted to meet for a drink and i went to meet them at Mojo, had a small beer, made some chit chat, and left. I forgot to tell Markus I was leaving, but oops...he seemed to have his hands full with the vsitors for the apartment party.

Plus points: I got to meet Alex finally: cool guy. And his male roommate: also a cool guy. So the party yielded good results from that point:)

We then went to Luna Lounge. Markus was drunk and we left soon after arriving. Markus was too drunk to sleep, and I slept like a baby basically. Fun fun.

Morning. Just hung around, had breakfast, watched family guy movie. left for airport. flight was delayed so i missed duty-free or else i would have missed my connection. made my connection but my bag did not. waiting 90 minutes to file a missing bag report only to see that when i was leaving the baggage claim that my bag had come on the next flight (how come her computer did not tell her that is beyond me). So got home, ate mcdonalds, have not slept yet. really tired but have to be up at 05.30 to catch flights again so i will stay awake.

Overall assessment: Nice weekend. Not fun in that "big night out" kind of way. Just very unscripted and unpredictable. And that was a nice change of pace. Seeing Markus was the high point, especially since I am pretty certain I will likely not be back in Trondheim. Of course, never say never, as I now know several people in trondheim and the next visit if there is one will be more like spending time with everyone since i feel a bit bad that i didn't visit the other 3 people I know.

Anyway, back to work for me. I am using this insomniatic period to get work done!

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