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Locked and Loaded?

You know, I have tried to keep reasonable and calm when it comes to what we are seeing in Luoisanna and Missippi. But it really fucking pisses me off when the Director of FEMA announces on Thursday evening that he just became aware of reports that people were stranded in the convention center in New Orleans when it has been on CNN, BBC, and other news channels and websites since Tuesday. I understand that he is busy, but to be unaware is fucking ridiculous!

I also think we some education on the people that "chose not to leave". I am not going to judge anything. In some cases, there will have been some people who chose to stay and not evacuate the city. But I will also contend that for the majority of people left, they very likely didn't have anywhere to evacuate to. Where would the sick and the elderly have been evacuated to? Wasn't this part of the evacation plan that should have already been in place and executed in advance of the hurricane? For the people who didn't have the means to leave the city of the state, where were the comprehensive pre-disaster plans to evacuate the city? It seems like the "mandatory evacuation" had an silent addition "at your own expense". What is people didn't have the economy to get out or other places to do? It seems natural that they would try to ride out the storm.

But I come back to FEMA, who were unaware that people were in the convention center, even though officials had been saying for days for everyone to meet there.
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