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A Good Weekend

I have had a good weekend. Probably the best weekend in a long time.

I spent the weekend in Copenhagen. And during the weekend I hung out with Thomas and had an amazing time. I took off from work early on Friday to go to Tivoli (a garden and amusement park in Copenhagen), but the weather was crap. So we walked around the city and took a coffee and went out to dinner and a movie with friends and that was really nice to meet his friends. They are a cool group. On Saturday we went out shopping for CDs and DVDs, and I found a bunch of great things to which I added to my collection since Thomas knew where all of the second-hand stores were and I got great CDs cheap. I also purchased most of the 2005 Hed Kandi CDs. We then went to a concert that had some famous Danish bank and it was good, but I hadn't brought a jacket and I was freezing! So after the concert, I went to the hotel to take a hot shower and met the guys out at Oscars. They were so exhausted from the concert that they were falling asleep when I had arrived. We went to Pan and it was boring so after 30 minutes we left and went home. Sunday was spent in bed and with Thomas being gracious enough to take me to airport. I decided that I would buy him lunch as a way of saying thanks for taking me to airport. So after some lunch and a pleasant flight, I am now back in Stockholm. I will stay here for a few days before traveling back to Copenhagen to continue to work on this customer project I am currently involved in.

Update more later, but wanted to give a brief re-cap :)
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