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No meeting Thallow, but some good clothes nonetheless!

Howdy! Another great day in Amsterdam. Of course, I got home at 6am, but I needed to dance and burn off energy! I am now at my hotel, trying to get some rest before heading out to the Supper Club tonight for some dinner and then some dancing.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Rene, and that would have been cool, but these things happen.

So, even though I said that I wouldn't make any concrete plans this weekend, I had made concrete plans just in case we were not able to meet. So that involved a trip to the Van Gogh museum and shopping! :)

First, about the museum. I just love the Van Gogh museum. Everytime I walk in it is a new place. And it was great to take a walk in the part, listening to my favourite songs on my CD-MP3 player, and just having my only worry be did I want a coca-cola or a coca-cola light?

So after my bit of culture for the weekend and my stroll through the park, it was time to go shopping. So after a brief stop back at the hotel, I hit the shops. That was a 3-hour experience, but I bought a new outfit (don't know when I'll wear it since I won't have many weekends in Sweden from now until October), a new bag, and a new top. I think it looks really good. I'll jump into the outfit and post the pic online on Sunday or early next week.

Overall, this day as been really really good. I don't wanna spend too much time in the hotel, so I think I will go do some laundry (the hotel has a free washer and dryer...I love the my clothes don't have to smell like smoke for the trip home tomorrow), then take in a coffee, read a little of my book (I am re-reading Tuesdays With Morrie...I am going to cry again), and then come and shower and get ready for the Supper Club. Then I will come back from the Supper Club, change into something more club-appropriate, and then head out dancing. I leave tomorrow, so I will be sure to make a night of it!

Anyway, might come back on later to share the Supper Club experience, otherwise, I will post more later. Have a lovely day everyone! :-)
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