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Non-Cash Contributions to Hurricane Katrina Victims

Today I made a donation of miles from my airline frequent flyer programs where I do not have a large milage accrual and to simply hold on the milage is to not utilize them effectively. So I made a contribution from my Delta and United Airlines.

Strangely enough, the one airline where I have the most miles that I don't plan on using -- Northwest Airlines -- does not have a facility to donate miles to relief efforts.

Now, all other debates aside as to whether the airlines just use milage donations as a way to get miles back from customers when they could donate cargo and passenger plans for a tax benefit on their own, it just seems strange that Northwest does not have a facility for milage donation.

I know that times are tight for a lot of people and that not everyone can contribute cash. But things like airline mile donations are a way to make a non-cash contribution.

I know that I personally will be looking for additional cash and non-cash ways to extend my commitment. For example, I set aside a targeted amount of money each year that I use for political (non-tax deductable) and charitable (help significantly with reducing taxes at the end of the year) contributions and I will shift that money around in the next couple of days. And I also know that times are tough for everyone (including yours truly), but if you have given already -- great, give again. If you have already given twice -- think about giving one more time. Direct your funds if you don't want to give to general organisations like the Red Cross who can use it for purposes other than Katrina. Visit the Department of Justice for a list of honest organisations.

Anything that you can do I am sure would be appreciated.
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