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Long Time....

It has been so long since I have last updated. It's a testament to how busy I have been. But not just how busy I have been, rather how mobile I have been and the fact that it is not always easy to get an internet connection.

OK, so it has only been 7 days, but it has felt like a very long 7 days, thank you very much.

Let's see...so the last time I wrote I was in Oslo...which was last week. Last week I had been in Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden all within 6 days. It's a very tiring thing to do in fact and I don't recommend it. Anyway, so it is one of the reasons that I have been really tired. Last weekend Thomas over came over for Denmark to visit and that was really nice. I took Markus to see Eddie Izzard for his birthday. Eddie Izzard was really great. So the weekend had been quite nice actually.

In other news, I was told by my landlord that I had to leave the apartment at the end of the month. Apparently laws in stockholm are such that landlords can only rent their apartments for 2 years before the person living in them have "squatter's rights". So I basically I need a new place to live by 1 October. I looked at one place that was very central, but it had a lot of this old lady's furniture in it and it was really cramped. So I didn't rent it. Yesterday (Friday), I saw this beautiful one-room loft (80 sq meters). It's in Ostermalm (the richest section of stockholm), has bay windows running long one side, the lights are remote-controlled, and I have no neighbors (the building is otherwise businesses) so I can be as loud as I want. The best part? The rent is 3000 kronor cheaper than staying where I am. I agreed verbally to take the apartment the moment I saw it. But I am going to look at another 2 apartments just to say I did. I already made a verbal contract. And the company is giving me 7000 kronor for miscallaneous moving expenses which is nice too bceause in the new flat, I plan to put in some wall dividers to provide some seperation from the rest of the loft.

So today I will be going around the city, doing errands, going to the gym and other stuff. Part of me also wants to just chill out and relax, but I don't have that luxury....


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Sep. 24th, 2005 11:26 am (UTC)
i dont get the part of the law

Sep. 24th, 2005 12:25 pm (UTC)
For some reason, there is a law in stockholm that says that the owner of an apartment can only rent it out for a period of two years. The other part of it is that after two years, unless there is a very clear contract (and even that can't fully protect them), the person renting the apartment can apply for the right to take the apartment permanently if they can show the intention of the owner was always only to rent the apartment instead of living in it himself. They do this to try to prevent people from buying multiple apartments in the city and never living in them (1 one to live in and a few to rent since they can charge lots of extra money).

So each apartment building has a board. The board consists of people who live and own apartments in the building. The board of each apartment building has wide authority. They can tell you who can and cannot live in an apartment. They can even tell you what renovations you are allowed to make in the apartment. So when it comes to an exception to the law that one person can only stay in an apartment for 2 years, they have to approve the extension. I have already been for 3 years now, so it is a year longer than they would normally allow.

Make a bit more sense now? It doesn't to me, but then again, I think one has to be swedish to understand sometimes...
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Sep. 25th, 2005 01:59 pm (UTC)
Re: I remember when I
I remember too! It was easier to visit you then :-)

But I am going to take a lot of pictures of the new place...it should be very nice I hope.
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