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Work and Residence Permit Madness

So on Monday I go Migrationsverket, which is the Migration Office for Sweden. I got there at 10.25 in the morning when I took my queue number and I was number 99. They had just been open for 1 hour and 30 minutes and were just serving number 50. The queue I was standing in was for "applications already processed and those who just need a stamp in their passports." So you figure that this line would be quick. WRONG. When it was 12.40, they were just serving #90. And I had to get to my apartment viewings beginning at 12.45, so I had to abandon my number. The problem was that in my line, people who could read neither Swedish or English were telling their refugee life stories and wasting time. Grrr.

So I decided today to take my papers and get my work and residence permit at the Swedish embassy in Denmark. 10 minutes, including a 3 minute wait.

Is it just me or is something really wrong?

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