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Moving...An Update

It might truly be my last update for awhile since I have no internet, phone, or cable yet at my new apartment. An overview for those who care...

New Apartment - Laywers on all sides want changes to the lease. I blurted out "I just want the keys". I got the keys. A bonus point...the rest to be worked out tomorrow. The landlord expects first month's rent and a deposit of a month. Have to figure that one out.

Movers - Nice and Friendly. Have to be here to supervise. Would watch TV and eat bon bons at the same time, but both are packed away. They are behind schedule.

Cleaner - No chance until Monday. And will set me back 750 kronor an hour. I told them they have 5 hours and no more.

But the new place is okay enough I suppose. I will need a major shopping trip to Ikea.
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